WOD results

A lot of PR’s tonight. Everyone gave great effort. It is nights like tonight that make a trainer proud of all his people. Keep up the good work and keep the pr’s coming.

WOD results


  1. great work, peeps. my quads are killing me. between the filthy 50 and all the squats last night… i bet some power snatches would feel awesome. hey, maybe i’ll do some tonight. and then, i’m sure the CF programming gods will take it easy on my quads tomorrow…

  2. Y’all don’t know this, but I’m a singer-songwriter on the side. I’m getting ready for a 12/1 show at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. Last night, practiced 30 minutes or so after this workout. When I finished, I found it exceedingly difficult to (a) remove my right arm from my guitar and (b) stand up from the sofa. I was imagining walking around with my arm permanently curved over imaginary guitar today. No fun.

  3. way to go Carter with the 22! I thought I was moving in slow motion last night and apparantly I was! Today is the brutal day from my FILTHY 50. having a little trouble walking.
    Let’s hope Frothy Friday is better!!
    see you guys Friday!

  4. DONNA…that is so cool!! I would LOVE to hear you sometime. I love going to Nashville and any excuse to go makes me happy. Do you ever play locally?

  5. I used to play locally a lot – then I had baby #3! I will let you know if I start playing out more around here.