WOD Results

Great intensity tonight.

WOD Results


  1. there was so much intensity last night, i almost puked!

  2. I wish I could have puked…I would have felt much better. It took me 30min recover from the WOD.

  3. That’s what I get for eating crappy food over the past couple of weeks…

  4. me, too! i am secretly hoping we meet barbara again at the end of the paleo challenge… i’m blaming my poor diet on my poor performance!
    if i had been there, shane, i would’ve told you how to make yourself puke… not that i’m an expert, but sometimes it’s for the best!

  5. i guess Kyle gets the “intensity” award for last night!

  6. Kyle Deneke says:

    If puke equals intensity, I should at least a fianlist for the award

  7. i think my jump rope whip mark should qualify me for something! it’s the worst i’ve every had…