WOD Results

WOD Results


  1. Nice Jackie!

  2. Wow, no kidding! Way to go!

  3. thanks! i’m STILL trying to catch phil and sri, though! they knocked it out! next time, boys…next time!

  4. way to go Jackie!!!! you seem to always own that deadlift weight in a wod like this! your my hero!

  5. haha! thanks… but i think kyle can attest – the deadlift owned me last night! 4 sets of 5… sigh.

  6. how did you do with the kettlebells? that must have been where you picked up all that time…

  7. oh please- you rocked it! Awesome job!

  8. kettlebells unbroken…that was tough… sub-4 1st 800m, then the second and third 800m were 4+ (i think kyle said i gained like 20 sec on each of those)… i should’ve pushed for 10 dL on the first half and then two sets of 5…next time! (thanks, susanna)