WOD Results

Great day with many PR’s. Back at it tomorrow.

NO 5:30 class on Monday!!!!!!!!
Monthly faculty meeting.

WOD Results

WOD Results


  1. great googily moogily, putman… 905! you’re a beast. nice work. good work brain, too. i want to grow up to be strong just like you kids.

  2. I saw this video on you tube about this guy named Ross and he does these training videos. He did a multitude of craziness, but he did burpees with a weighted vest. of course, he also pushed an SUV for exercise! It was interesting if you get a chance to watch it. He has nothing on Cross Fit though!
    go to you tube and enter Ross Training on a budget.

  3. Good job guys. Sorry I missed it. I’ll be back a week from today. Have to go on a business trip.

  4. Thanks Carter. Someday I want to have stamina, just like you! (Nice reference to rap music, btw.)

  5. Time for me to shamelessly brag: I went up, since last time, on back squats from 255 lbs to 315 lbs, shoulder press from 135 to 145, and deadlifts from 325 to 350! That’s 715 to 810 total! Way to go, me!
    Putman, I see you jumped from 855 total to 905. Nice work, man.

  6. Putman, thanks for the link. I’m in between the intermediate and advanced category…wish I would’ve done this last night.

  7. y’all are both big on numbers. great work. i want to see that kind of improvement in me. don’t know whether to do total or helen tonight…
    i’m intermediate in everything.

  8. i’m just above intermediate according to that link… i love being average.