WODs 01-22-2010

Because we only have one ghd I am posting two WODs today.  Feel free to complete either of them or both of them.  I posted Nicole because the weather is going to be perfect for running. 

Choice 1

3 Rounds for time of:
135 pound Clean and jerk, 10 reps
30 GHD situps

Choice 2


AMRAP 20 min.

Run 400 M

Max rep pull ups

post total number of pull ups for each round. 


  1. I call dibs on workout 1!

  2. if we do workout 1 and the machine gets backed up, can we do them on the floor? What is the chick weight for the cleans?

  3. i will go for “nicole” with the purple band until i have to move to green. at least i know i’ll be done in 20 mins!

  4. i think we should have start times/wave starts. i would like to do wod #1 as well.

  5. i’d like to do 1 as well. can be there and ready by 530.
    eating afterwards? it’s tradition now… and the last frothy friday before the 90 starts.

  6. 95# is the “chick weight” i believe.

  7. I’m always in for some post-workout food. Dilemma on the WODs: I ran 3 miles this morning, but I despise clean-and-jerks. Decisions…

  8. My promise to you all: since we only have 1 GHD machine, I promise not to take longer than 30 minutes! (29, maybe, but definitely sub 30.)

  9. I don’t love clean and jerks Sri….that’s why I am doing this one. Plus, my lats are killing me from the burpee pull ups.

  10. Kyle Deneke says:

    We will have Wave/Start times for the WOD tonight. I will post a list of times on the board. Anyone doing WOD#1 will have a certain amount of time to complete. If unable to complete in time you will be scored a DNF. I will detrmine a time later today.

  11. I’m opting for “Nicole.” I may do the other WOD if everyone’s done by the time I finish. I may also simply drink beer after…

  12. dang Kyle…..now I am all nervous. what if I can’t finish in your alloted time. I’m skeered.

  13. Kyle Deneke says:

    Robyn, I am sure you will finish. But if you don’t, DNF…

  14. and you get to drink sooner if you dnf!

  15. Actually, a DNF would be the maximum time before getting to drink…