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Until I started teaching cooking class, I never realized how many people out there have a phobia of touching raw chicken. So I thought I would share a little trick for making chicken or turkey burgers without ever touching the meat!

You will need:

Wax Paper and a large cookie or ice cream scoop (make sure it's large. the standard size will make a mini burger)


Tear a large piece of wax paper (in the picture mine is probably 3 feet long) and scoop out your mixture, spacing each burger about 3 inches apart and lining them up through middle of your wax paper.

Turkey burgs 004-f 

Turkey burgs 014-f 

 Once the wax paper is full fold your wax paper over to cover the burgers

Turkey burgs 017-f 

Gently press your hand over each burger to flaten

Turkey burgs 018-f 

Turkey burgs 021-f 

Then tear your wax paper so each burger is individually wrapped (this makes it very easy to get them in the pan without touching them)

Turkey burgs 025-f 

Next, just stack and refrigerate for 30 minutes before cooking. (Chilling them before cooking seems to help them stay together since we don't use any breadcrumbs for a binder).

Turkey burgs 026-f 

and that's all! Once you have refrigerated them, open your wax paper and flip each burger into the pan. It's an easy method and your hands stay clean!

Now I need to get my Greek Turkey Burger recipe posted so you can give this method a try!