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Our nutrition programs are customized specifically to each individual based on current body composition, activity level & goals.

This program is for anyone looking to create healthier eating habits, feel better, recover from workouts faster, add lean muscle and loose body fat. You must be willing to plan meals and track your food, but our plans do not restrict any food groups, making it a program you can stick with long term and really see results.

How it works

The process starts with a body composition test and a short consultation to discuss where you are and what your goals are for the nutrition program. A customized plan will be created for you and explained. Once you start, our nutrition coach will check in on you once per week to answer any questions and to help with accountability. You also have access to unlimited communication by text and email with your coach.

Your success is based on your effort, planning, tracking & mindset. But we have found that having a coach to guide you increases the success and effectiveness greatly.


Customized plan & 8 weeks of nutrition guidance $75

Required Body Composition Testing $25 (performed off site)