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CJ Britton

  • Crossfit Level 1 Certificate Holder

My girlfriend (now wife) dragged me in for my first ever Crossfit workout of the day (WoD) in the spring of 2014. Up until that point, I was a typical gym rat who had experienced a pretty severe knee injury in high school and avoided a host of movements and didn’t worry at all about diet. I went into the workout with my head held high and a smug look on my face thinking I was going to be the “big man on campus” and show everyone up.  The workout looked easy (to me), 15 wall balls & 15 burpees, 14-minute as many reps as possible (AMRAP). At minute 8 my very humbled self sat down as those around me continued to move and finish the workout.  

It sounds crazy to enjoy something that can be physically taxing and challenging but after that first day, I was hooked. The knee injury I suffered during my junior year of high school caused me daily pain in that knee with incredibly limited mobility. I assumed that living in pain and limited mobility was just going to be a part of my life. But, over my 6+ year journey, I’ve not only achieved full mobility in that knee but can now do single-legged squats (pistols) and have zero pain in that knee.

To me, that is what Crossfit is all about, surprising yourself and pushing your body in a safe and healthy way. Every person has a different goal in mind. For some its to become more athletic and do the sort of movements you see on TV. But for many, its to be better today than they were yesterday. Whether that’s through healthy dieting, losing a few pounds, building cardio, or just getting out and moving. Crossfit isn’t meant for the athletes, its for everyone at any stage in your fitness journey. For me, it’s given me back my mobility and stamina to play with my kids and enjoy an active, healthy life! 

  • Favorite WoD: Grace
  • Least Favorite WoD: Anything with Thrusters
  • Favorite Lift: Hang Power Cleans
  • Least Favorite Lift: Sumo Deadlift High Pulls