3029 6th Ave South Birmingham, AL 35233

Matt Stubblefield


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Holder

I began CrossFit in April of 2013. I had a heard about CrossFit and how it was different than any other “fitness” routines out there so I decided to give it a shot. I had been routinely exercising for about 3-4 years before beginning CrossFit so I felt like this wouldn’t be any more difficult than anything I was already doing. I was very wrong! CrossFit introduced me to not only a more intense and effective form of exercise, but also a fantastic community of individuals with common goals as well as a wealth of nutrition information that is absent in many exercise programs. My favorite aspects of CrossFit are that it will check your ego and expose your weaknesses as an athlete. Put in real and honest work, check your ego, make new friend and connections… that’s what I think CrossFit is all about!

I travel for my career so I drop-in a lot of gyms across the country. I see many different coaching styles and programming. I can honestly say the coaching and programming at CFR are top notch and are what CrossFit is meant to be.

  • Favorite WOD: Diane
  • Least Favorite WOD: Daniel
  • Favorite Lift: Overhead Squat
  • Least Favorite Lift: Shoulder Press