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It is important that you keep it simple when transitioning into the paleo lifestyle.  I often see people make a big mistake early on that often leads to an excuse for failure.  The big mistake is as follows,attempting to make all the things you normally eat paleo.  This is both costly and counter productive.  Lets talk about cost.  Buying expensive paleo flours (almond, coconut, etc) is most peoples excuse for bailing out of paleo.  They want to use these items so they can make paleo breads and desserts.  This will end up costing you more money.  Many people see the grocery bill and decide that they can not afford to eat paleo.  To see the best results from your new paleo lifestyle try to avoid the aforementioned trap.  Simply eat lean meats, fruits and vegetables with some healthy fat sources.  Keep the meals simple and the grocery bills manageable.  Save tasty treats like paleo desserts to a minimum just as you would with non paleo treats. 

eat the following items in extreme moderation:

1.  Honey (none if you are trying to lose weight)

2.  Wine and Gluten Free Beer (none fo you are trying to lose weight)